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 Women For WineSense Scholarship Program - Rochester Chapter


   Women For WineSense believes that wine enhances and enriches everyday life. The organization provides women and men with unbiased

   information about the cultural heritage, social and health effects of moderate wine consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle.  The organization

   is committed to offering educational programs and networking opportunities to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.


   The Rochester Chapter formed an annual scholarship program in the fall of 2006 with the intent of providing support to an eligible chapter member

   for educational advancement in the field of wine education.  It is awarded based on an applicant’s willingness to pursue an educational program of

   their own design with the goal of giving back to the chapter by sharing the knowledge obtained during that process.

  We are changing the program for 2017. Here are the details:

 The Rochester Educational Grant Program

   What it is:
  • A total pool of $500 is available for grants of varying amounts to active Rochester chapter members on a first come, first served basis, until the $500 is depleted
  • One grant per member, per calendar year
    Who is it available to:
  • All active Rochester chapter members (i.e. current on membership dues, attended an event in the last three months)
    How to request a grant:
  • Submit request form to Amanda Mari (
  • Request for funds must be approved prior to event/activity
  • Please allow for a one week turnaround to receive approval
     How will grant be issued:
  • Grant will be issued in the form of a reimbursement after the activity in the request and membership presentation (see third bullet) is completed
  • A receipt must be provided
  • Recipients are required to share a 3-5 minute summary with the membership at the next monthly event they attend explaining how their grant was used

   Click here to read the "fine print" and download the form.


 Here is the list of winners of awards from our chapter:

 Rochester Chapter - Scholarship Winners


         2007 - Holly Howell

         2008 - Lorraine Hems 

         2009 - Carolyn Kourofsky         

         2010 - Lucia Shean

         2011 - Jennifer de Jong

         2012 - Karen Willand

         2013 - Cathy Slocum

         2014 - Judith Kelly & Karen Desmond

         2015 - Elizabeth Miranda

   2016 - Amanda Mari

 Rochester Chapter - WWS National Winners


   2010 - Rising Star: Donna Schlosser-Long
   2012 - Lifetime Achievement Award: Lorraine Hems
         2017 - Lifetime Achievement Award: Holly Howell