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Women For WineSense Educational Programs – Finger Lakes Chapter

Women For WineSense believes that wine enhances and enriches everyday life.  The organization provides women and men with unbiased information about the cultural heritage, social and health effects of moderate wine consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle.  WWS is committed to offering educational programs and networking opportunities to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.


The Finger Lakes Chapter formed an annual scholarship program in the fall of 2016 with the intent of providing support to an eligible chapter member for educational advancement in the field of wine education.  It is awarded based on an applicant’s willingness to pursue an educational program of their own design with the goal of giving back to the chapter by sharing the knowledge obtained during that process.

We enhanced our educational program offerings starting in 2019 with the Finger Lakes Chapter Educational Grant Program.

Details on both the Scholarship and Educational Grant Programs and how to apply are provided below.

Scholarship Program

The Finger Lakes Chapter of Women For WineSense offers an annual Scholarship Award of $500 for to be used to further the wine education of our chapter membership, in addition to a one year Aficionado membership to the winner.


Who May Apply:


Any member of the Finger Lakes Chapter of Women For WineSense is welcome and encouraged to apply.


How To Apply:


Follow the link below, fill out the application, and return to Christine Maguire at, mail to 7448 County Rd 153, Ovid, NY 14521 or deliver to any board member at our December event.


Deadline for submission of award is: December 31, 2020.


Winner will be announced at the January meeting.  All applicants must be present.


The Fine Print:


All applications will be reviewed, discussed and voted on by the Officers of Women For WineSense, Finger Lakes Chapter.


Scholarships may only be applied to wine education.


The recipient agrees to be the presenter at an upcoming monthly event the year following receiving the award. The report should include how the scholarship was used and what was learned.


Failure to use the scholarship for the specific purposes outlined in the application before the end of the year will result in forfeiture.  Likewise, a recipient will be asked to return monies that may have been disbursed directly to them but are not used for the purpose outlined in the Request for Payment Proposal, unless approved by the Finger Lakes Chapter President.

  • WWS Officers are available to assist in suggesting educational opportunities to help reach the $500 maximum if needed.
  • Board Officers are not eligible for the scholarship during their tenure.
  • Scholarship recipients will not be eligible to reapply for five years.

Click here to open the Dropbox folder which contains the 2020 scholarship application in both .pdf and Word formats.

Here is the list of winners of awards from our chapter:

Finger Lakes Chapter - Scholarship Winners

         2017 - Maddie D'Amico and Marie Guido-Miner

         2018 - Kate Meyers Emery
         2019 - Mia Meyers


Educational Grant Program

A total pool of $500 is available for educational grants of varying amounts to active Finger Lakes chapter members to be used for wine education on a first come, first served basis, until the $500 is depleted for the year.


One grant per member, per calendar year.

The pool of Educational Grant funds is replenished at the beginning of each calendar year.


Who May Apply:

All active Finger Lakes chapter members (i.e. current on membership dues, attended an event in the last three months).

How To Apply:

Follow the link below, fill out the Educational Grant application and submit request form via email to Christine Maguire (

Request for funds must be approved prior to event/activity.

Event/activity must have a wine educational aspect.

Please allow up to a one-month turnaround time for approval by the Finger Lakes Chapter Board.

How Will The Educational Grant Be Issued:

Educational Grants will be issued in the form of reimbursement, after the activity in the request, and after the membership presentation is completed (see below).

A receipt must be provided for reimbursement.

Educational Grant recipients are required to share a 3-5 minute summary with the membership at the next monthly event they attend explaining how their grant was used.

The Fine Print:

Educational grants cannot be used for Women For WineSense related or sponsored events.


Educational grants must be used for wine educational purposes only.


Guidelines and policies around these educational grants are subject to revision as we work through the implementation of this new program.

Click here to open the Dropbox folder which contains the Educational Grant application in both .pdf and Word formats.