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Celebrating 34 Years of Leadership!
We support the success and professional development of individuals in the wine industry

Since 1990, Women For WineSense (WWS) has been the premier wine education and networking organization for wine industry professionals and wine aficionados. 

We believe that wine enhances and enriches everyday life and our goal is to promote the appreciation and responsible enjoyment of wine.  With that in mind, we support the success and professional development of women and men in wine and associated industries. 

WWS is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

The Beginning

Our founders, Michaela Rodeno and Julie Johnson, were and still are leaders in the wine industry. Back in 1990 their children asked them why they were “making drugs.” Outraged that their children were not receiving balanced information, they formed Women For WineSense to discuss moderate wine consumption, its benefits in a healthy lifestyle, and the need for balanced information in warning labels on wine bottles. “Xeroxing” hundreds of pages, a small WWS army began its quest to defend wine. Joining Michaela and Julie were industry icons like Margaret Duckhorn, Rosemary Cakebread, Kit Wall, Lynne Carmichael, Dawnine Dyer, Zelma Long, Lili Thomas, Annette Shafer, Susan Sokol-Blosser, Gabrielle Saylor, Cathy Clifton, Margrit Mondavi, and many more.

Michaela writes in her book, From Bubbles to Boardrooms, “Legislators in Sacramento and Washington were eager to meet with us.  The media wanted to hear more. I have never felt or seen such energy in my life, before or after, the early days of Women For WineSense.” Congress declared American Wine Appreciation Week in April 1993. Having achieved their initial mission, the WWS members decided in 1994 during a strategic planning meeting facilitated by Karen Jess-Lindsley and Linda Cyrog to continue the organization as a forum for wine education and relationship building.

Notable Moments in Our History

  • 1990:   Napa-Sonoma Founding Chapter Opens
  • 1991:    First National Conference
  • 1992:    Finger Lakes and Portland Chapters Opens
  • 1994:    American Wine Appreciation Week
  • 1995:    "Climbing the Vine" Conference in Washington, DC
  • 1996:    National Conference in Portland, OR
  • 1997:    National Conference in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 1998:    Seattle Chapter Opens
  • 1999:    Rochester Chapter Opens
  • 2004:    Professional Roundtables Introduced
  • 2007:    Dallas Chapter Opens, First Grand Event in San Francisco, CA
  • 2008:    Second Grand Event in Napa, CA
  • 2009:    Pittsburgh Chapter Opens
  • 2010:    Third Grand Event in Napa, CA
  • 2012:    Fourth Grand Event in Napa, CA
  • 2013:    "Girls Gone Willamette" Conference in Willamette, OR
  • 2014:    Central Florida Chapter Opens
  • 2015:    25th Anniversary Celebration and Fifth Grand Event in Napa, CA
  • 2017:    Los Angeles Chapter Opens, 27th Anniversary Celebration and Sixth Grand Event in the Finger Lakes, NY
  • 2018:    Grapevine Chapter Opens, Women For WineSense goes to Bordeaux, Virtual Events
  • 2019:    Women For WineSense goes to Greece
  • 2020:    Launched our new National Chapter and Wine Lover membership
  • 2021:    30th Anniversary Celebration and Seventh Grand Event in Sonoma, CA (cancelled due to COVID)
  • 2022:    Women For WineSense goes to Greece
  • 2023:    "Wine, Dine, and Shine in Texas Hill Country" Conference in Fredericksburg, TX
  • 2023:    Denton and Texas Hill Country Chapters Open,Women For WineSense Taste Sensations in Italia

National Presidents

  • Julie Johnson                           
  • Sharon Goldman       
  • Michaela Rodeno      
  • Lynne Carmichael      
  • Cathy Clifton         
  • Rebecca Robinson       
  • Claudia di Clemente       
  • Kerry Manahan-Ehlow    
  • Caroline Coleman Bailey   
  • Kim Ledbetter Bronson   
  • Gabrielle Leonhard             
  • Karen Jess-Lindsley        
  • Rebecca Moore            
  • Jonjie Lockman        
  • Karla Barber            
  • Donna Schlosser-Long   
  • Amy Gross                            

1990 – 1991

1993 – 1994







1999 – 2001

2001 – 2004

2004 – 2008

2008 – 2011

2012 – 2013

2014 – 2015

2016 – 2018

2018 – 2023

2023 – present

The Organization Today


The mission established in 1994 remains our mission today: to provide educational and relationship building opportunities for wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts. We have 10 chapters across the United States with hundreds of members. 37% are wine industry professionals and 63% are wine aficionados. Each chapter caters to the needs of their members while supporting our common mission. Our chapters host nearly 100 events per year in total, ranging from intimate gatherings to learn about a specific wine region or wine style, to professional development seminars for 100+ people. Many Women For WineSense chapters contribute thousands of dollars each year in scholarships to women in wine-related fields of study.