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Gift Memberships
Gift a membership to Women For WineSense to family or friends

Do you have a family member or friend who would benefit from becoming a Women For WineSense (WWS) member?

Whether you are an active WWS member or not, you can now purchase a gift membership to our organization for someone you know.

Gift memberships can be purchased for a Wine Lovers, Wine Aficionado, or Professional membership, either at the one or two-year membership level. After your purchase is paid you will receive an email receipt.

Your gift will be sent to your recipient via email. At time of purchase you decide if the gift should be given anonymously. For anonymous purchases, the contact information you provide will not be shared. It will be stored for administrative purposes only.

You determine when you want the gift purchase to be shared with the recipient. The recipient will receive an email with a link to our website's Member Signup page at the appropriate time to redeem the gift membership.

Gift memberships can be used immediately for a new membership or an active member can use the gift for their membership renewal.

If you are a current member of Women For WineSense make sure that you log into the website before purchasing your gift membership.


Click this link to purchase a gift membership:  Gift Membership  

Members, you can access Gift Memberships in your Member Profile as shown below. Use this page to view your gift memberships, pay for outstanding gift memberships, review past gift memberships, print out gift memberships that you have already paid for, and if a gift membership has been redeemed, see when it was used.