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Our Vision and Mission.
We believe that wine enhances and enriches everyday life.

Our Vision

Women for WineSense (WWS) is the premier education and networking organization for wine aficionados and industry professionals.

Our Mission
Women for WineSense believes that wine enhances and enriches everyday life.  We provide women and men with unbiased information about the cultural heritage, social and health effects of moderate wine consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle.  The organization is committed to offering outstanding educational programs and mentoring and networking opportunities to wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Our Background

Women for WineSense was started in 1990 by Michaela Rodeno and Julie Johnson, both in the wine industry in Napa Valley, to provide a balanced perspective amid burgeoning neo-prohibitionist movements that supported moderate wine consumption, its benefits in a healthy lifestyle and balanced information about warning labels on wine.  The organization has evolved to become a premier wine education and networking organization.  Women for WineSense now offers members and program attendees the opportunity to learn more about wine appreciation in a welcoming atmosphere, to meet and interact with key women in the wine industry and to share information across a nation-wide network of chapters.  The organization also supports the professional development of professional members through networking as well as events and roundtables that share best practices and problem solve issues of common interest.